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 . . . . It has been used by Tobias Slombin and Mike Rosakiewicz (Intense Keywords (video)) A: You can use this tool from Google to see what these names are mapped to, or maybe try and figure it out from there. [Differential and predictive factors of long-term morbidity in patients with cervical spine fractures]. The purpose of this study is to examine the effects of hospitalization and/or operations on patient's long-term morbidity, to identify its differential factors and to determine the predictive factors of long-term morbidity. In a retrospective study, we investigated 48 patients who sustained injuries from motor vehicle accidents and were admitted to a trauma intensive care unit between April 2000 and March 2002. Data were collected from medical records, including age, gender, ISS, spine fracture, neurological deficit, medical/surgical treatments, hospital stay, fracture type, and severity. The medical records of these patients were followed for a period of 2 years. During the follow-up period, 12 patients died, while 36 remained alive. At the end of follow-up period, 15 patients had the long-term prognosis of fair, 22 of good, and 9 of poor. The patients with fair/poor prognosis were significantly more likely to be older (p = 0.001), to have severe spinal fracture, greater spinal cord injury (p = 0.008), spinal cord dysraphism (p = 0.024), and/or incomplete cord recovery (p = 0.008) than the patients with a fair prognosis. The findings of this study are useful for developing measures that will decrease the long-term morbidity of cervical fracture patients.Partitioning of 22,000 genes into four classes based on a gene network. The universal network concept, where the universe of all genes is organized into a network of interacting genes, shows the major principles underlying the complexity of gene interactions. We have partitioned 22,000 genes into four classes based on a gene network. The concept of a gene network is intuitively appealing, because it is founded in reality, is mathematical in nature, and yet reduces the universe of the genes to four underlying classes. The four classes comprise genes that interact as members of families, and whose interactions obey different principles. The fact that each of these classes represents a unique complex of gene




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IntensiKey Pro 1.0

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